Private Lessons

Supplemental lessons are available through the band program to all band students. The one-on-one teaching environment is extremely beneficial. Our private lessons teachers have, or are working on, their Masters and/or Doctorate degrees in music. They are the BEST! They can customize their instruction to fit your child’s needs whether beginner or advanced. It is our experience that hard work will always rise to the top.

In a given week each student may receive 10-15 minutes one-on-one instruction from a director. In one lesson, a student receives 2 to 3 times as much instruction from a professional musician each week. Over the course of a year this additional instruction adds up!

Lesson teachers are available on each instrument. Lessons are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis with each teacher. They are approximately half a class period in length and can be scheduled during class, or before/after school. Please email the appropriate teacher for your child’s instrument if you are interested.

2016-17 Private Lesson Teachers:

Trumpet – Will Pratt –

Trumpet – Laura Alleman –

Low Brass – Mike Wharton –

Bassoon – Wojo –

Clarinet – Chien-Ming Chen –

Sax – Ron Davis –

Percussion – Michael Jones –

Oboe – Natasha Merchant –

Horn – Mark Jansen –

Trombone – Roy Gonzales –

Private Lesson Scholarships

The Stafford Middle School Band Boosters graciously provide personal training scholarships for those students who can demonstrate financial need. The boosters will match 50% of the cost of training each week ($9.00). Scholarship selection criteria and applications are available from a band director. To date, no one has been denied assistance!  The primary responsibility of our boosters is to help fund scholarships for students.

STMS Financial Aide Application